Leadership Statistics for a fact

Many people nowadays are curious about leadership statistics. I guess they wish to validate their own behavior or thoughts as a leader by finding what others do or have done. Being in a leaders position can be solitaire business at times and it might feel good to find how others are doing.

It is here that leadership statistics can provide value for personal growth and comfort. Oh, maybe it would be nice also to include some of those numbers in these post to provide the growth, comfort and fellowship mentioned here.

Did you know that 69 percent of leaders in business today say it is important to have a mentor? And that 75 percent of executives claim that a good physical fitness is cruical to achieve career success at executive levels?

In the area of charity and ethics these leadership statistics might be of interest. More than 1 in 10 of asked CEOs either have established, or are considering doing it, a donor-advised fund or charitable foundation. And almost 9 out 10 ten senior executives say that if a supplier did not have ethical standars that would be sufficient reason not to do business with that supplier.

Of course, as with other statistical data, leadership statistics can be twisted to tell a story, but still they can give an image of the world of leaders.


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